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Direct Mail in Kent - TMB

Direct mail can be a fantastic way to reach your customers wherever they are - at home, in the office or in Government departments. However, it's also tricky to manage, and it can be extremely expensive and embarrassing if it goes wrong. To ensure you get only the best service, and everything is handled as smoothly as possible - you need the best. That's where TMB come in. For a comprehensive direct mail service, from inception to delivery, there's really only one choice for direct mail in Kent.

Do it all

From start to finish, TMB can handle every step of the direct mail process to ensure nothing goes wrong, and that you get the absolute best service. We're expert data managers, so before anything is put to paper, we have the ability to add value through creating, managing and cleaning your address lists. Security is a huge priority for us, and we're certified to ISO 27001 standards, so you know you can trust us. We can also handle all the other stages of the process, from expert printing in media, from digital to inkjet and lithographics, to creating and putting together your envelopes ready to go.

The experience

One major skill we have as a direct mail Kent company is the trust and expertise we have built up in the industry through years of great service. We have excellent postal discounts throughout the UK and Europe, so you won't find a cheaper method of postage, and we have the skill to handle and store a wide variety of materials in our warehouse - so you know that your important direct mail is safe with us. For a service that is top class from start to finish, and as comprehensive as you'll find in the industry, we bring the experience and technical skill that guarantees a great customer journey - from prepping your mailing list to the envelope in your customer's hand.


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